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  Our distillery, Lizard Lick Brewing and Distillation LLC,is proud to present a modernized version of the clandestine southern tradition of making Moonshine. We have created Lick Life Spirits™ whose product line includes Bourbon, Corn Whiskey, and traditional moonshine flavors such as Peach and Apple Pie.   As the product line name intends to suggest, we represent the simple life…Life in the Lick, a small town, homegrown, country style, laid back kind of living that is the foundation of our upbringing and the ideal we wish to promote.     



     At Lizard Lick Brewing and Distillation, LLC we have two Master Distillers from nearly identical backgrounds with the only true difference being the geographical region in which they grew up. The similarities far outweigh that one difference. For example, being raised on a farm instilled a strong work ethic. The farm also gave rise to a love and appreciation of the outdoors. All of this culminates in the desire to share their love of the country life and one of the longest running traditions associated with southern living:  Making Moonshine and responsibly partaking in the fruits of their labors at the end of a long day. So, without further ado, Lizard Lick Brewing and Distillation, LLC proudly presents David Rogers and Jonathan France and their Lick Life Legacy… From the heart of Lizard Lick, North Carolina and the infamous Moonshine capitol of the world, Franklin County, Virginia, comes a legend in the making: Lick Life Spirits. The expertise of four generations of brewing and distilling combined with vision, ambition, and opportunity culminates in a bottle.  A little taste of history and a prime example of what our Great-Great Grandfathers envisioned: smooth whiskey, distilled in a handcrafted copper pot still, from the finest grains in the region and the continuation of a time honored family tradition.


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Join us in responsibly celebrating our past. Relax pour yourself a shot of time in a bottle and savor every minute. We know you will enjoy and hope you come back for more.

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